Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hunting for the Best Lipstick

Finding the best lipstick is proving to be a quest as challenging and difficult as finding your soul mate. I mean, if you have found the affordable, staying (literally staying) lipstick, please spare me the pain and let me know immediately. I don’t want to try and find tricks that make the lipstick stay longer (these tricks are never reliable anyway). I want it to stay, and I want it to fade away slowly, not fade in parts only to make my lips look like a joke.

Here are my favorite and not so favorite lipstick and lip care experiences:

-          Nivea Cherry Lip Care

         Only if this wasn’t something temporary. The color, smell and the taste are all great but of course it only makes your lips colorful until you take a sip or bite out of something. Then your lips go pale and “the cherry” is all over your food and/or glass. I don’t want my lipstick/balm to leave stains on stuff!

-          Maybelline Watershine

        Great colors, easy to apply and very, very short staying time. Plus, they do leave their marks on your glass.

-          MaxFactor Lipfinity

         MaxFactor Lipfinity series lipsticks have so far been my favorite- as they do tend to stay. But the problem is, sometimes after you have eaten, the lipstick fades totally in parts making like your lips just got attacked. And unless you came out a really hot making-out session, your lips shouldn’t look like that. There is also the issue that because they stay, you need to travel with make-up removal equipment in case you make a slight application error and you do develop a permanent attachment to the lip balm the lipstick comes with because your lips feel overly dry.

-          LorĂ©al Glam Shine – 6 hours

        The problem with this one is that it does stay quite a bit, including on your teeth. No matter how carefully you apply them and wait for them to try, the bits find their way to your teeth. My lips don’t look that sexy when they are bare but they sure look better than colorful lips that come with pink teeth.

     What make-up brands do you use? Do you have tips that work with these brands? Do you have suggestions for other products? Write on. And if you have found the perfect lipstick that costs $100, also let me know. If it is worth it, we will splurge.


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