Friday, August 27, 2010

Eating Habits: What are your strenghts and weaknesses?

Oh, how I hate dieting. Even though I developed some stomach problems a couple of years ago, I still prefer taking medication to prevent nausea rather than staying away from all the unhealthy stuff, which are mostly delicious.
But of course just like many people, I have very healthy and non-fattening habits that come naturally to me. And by naturally, I mean I don’t consume some foods and drinks because I genuinely dislike them.
So here is a list of my natural strengths and weaknesses. Please share yours too.
Chocolate. This is weakness number one. I just love how it tastes. One of the best movie experiences was watching Johnny Depp’s Chocolat with some chocolate bars in hand.
Chips: I can live without them but hardly anything  beats watching a fun movie with chips in the winter.
Ice-cream: Ice-cream makes summer much more fun and when it is scorching, it makes it bearable.
Coffee: I am a writer. And I love the taste. Enough said.
Cookies & cakes: Yes, I like them.
Cocktails: I am a Sex and The City girl. What did you expect?
Pizza: Love it!
Come on, I am not only the nightmare of a fitness trainer. I have some good habits:
Beer: I hate it. I can’t stand the smell or the taste of it.
Wine: It has some good qualities. A glass of wine every two, three days is supposed to good for your heart. But, I can’t drink it.
Whisky: Yucks! What can I say? I am a tequila and vodka person. And occasionally gin.
Grease/oil/fat: I hate too much grease and fat. I can’t even stand the taste of fat in milk, hence the love for non-fat milk and yoghurt products.
Salt: Don’t like it. Yes, I can’t avoid it in chips but I rarely add any extra to my meals either.
Cream: I hate it.
Fuzzy Drinks: Can’t stand them. Unless I absolutely have no choice, I stay away from them.  They make my throat hurt and my stomach doesn’t appreciated the “fuzz”.

What’s the point in my sharing my eating virtues and sins? Well, we all have good and bad eating habits that shape the way we look.  The list of weaknesses will give you an idea about where you should be cutting back. I probably can’t cut back on chocolate (I just can’t- enroll me if there is such a thing called C.A (Chocolateaholics Anonymous) ) but I can work on eating pizza less, have fewer chips and cocktails are too darn expensive anyway. Or alternatively, we can just eat and then work it out. Nope, I know I can make any nutritionist and diet expert cry…


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