Friday, October 22, 2010

Lindy Hop To Fitness: Unconventional Fitness Activity 2

Lindy What?
Lindy Hop is a a really fast and fun type of dancing.  For the historical and cultural background info, you can check out the Wikipedia page for the lindy hop dance.
But for the fun and practical bits: It is a dance where you kick, hop, swing and dance – and keep bouncing during all your moves. The songs are jazz and rock n’ roll or a combination of these two genres. And yes, the sooner you find yourself a dancing partner to practice the moves with, the better. The moves of a couple is just so much fun, even when you are in the earliest stages, like me.
This is a dance where jeans are OK as well as a skirt and you are better of wearing flat shoes.
I’m including some of the videos I found on youtube- both the basic and the rockin’ professional stuff.
Have fun!
Youtube videos:


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