About The Blog

I always wanted to have a flat stomach. But unfortunately, with the exception of a very thin summer at the age of 22, I haven’t had one since I was 16.

Oh, I want it all. The perky breasts (which gets trickier when your  breasts are big), I want to be able to find comfortable high heels (I stand about at 5’9”, which is around 1.75 cm but I want my long legs to even look slimmer and taller), I don’t want excess body fat, want pretty hair, acne-free skin, and….

Well, the list goes on forever. I am not saying that I don’t consider myself pretty and I definitely have my gorgeous days and unattractive days just like anyone else.
But even though I am an energetic person verging on hyperactive, I definitely don’t have the energy,
patience and the iron-will to have a fitness routine, eat healthily all the time and do all that skin/hair care combinations.  If you think looking great is awesome but the work to get there sucks, then  this is your blog. If you think dieting and spending hours every day with creams, exercise and cooking healthy stuff are fun activities, well- obviously you are welcome but we are not going to see eye-to-eye.

So this is the blog for women who want to look and remain pretty but hate many of the tedious requirements that allow us to do so. Here we will be talking about fun activities and tips and hopefully enjoy ourselves. And yes, there might even be some R-rated posts.
Sit back and enjoy yourselves!