Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Essential Yet Impossible Tiny Clutch

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Impossible isn't nothing. It is  well...surviving the big city life with a tiny clutch, trying to fit everything you need inside. Without making the bag explode or making it look like the original's bloated and ugly cousin...

I love a beautiful clutch to complement that tiny little dress. The problem is what the hell can I possibly fit in inside these stylish jokes for a bag?

Sure, if you live in the Manhattan, like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City - where everywhere worth going is a cab ride away - clutches won't be an issue. But if you were watching the show, you probably noticed how Miranda wasn't traveling in a cab from Brooklyn to Manhattan? Being able to afford cabs is one thing, but even a hotshot attorney can't take a cab everyday when it is that far away.

So what if you are living in a city full of New Jersey's and Brooklyns and all the good parties are in the Manhattans? You can't seriously afford a taxi everytime you wanted your perfected looks to remain perfect (unless you become a bestselling author and marry your financial whiz boyfriend like Carrie).

Now, here is the thing. I can handle struttering and dancing in high heels but walking in them through many blocks? Changing busses and using various transportation methods while you are in them? In extremely hot or cold weather???

Yes, I know the topic isn't heels but this is what happens: first, you let the heels go if you want to use your legs for hours. Then goes the tiny clucth, because you are going to spend a lot of time walking and commuting, so you will need your emergency make-up removal kit, as well as the extra sweater/shirt you will need. So what you need to carry to survive is no longer a clutch but  a decent-sized bag.

And what if you are a freelance writer/blogger who carries his office equipments with her all the time (the netbook, notebook, pens...). And you suddenly get an invite from a friend to go dancing. There isn't enough time to go back home so your ideal sexy dress/heels/clutch combo is suddenly comfortable outfit/boots/a giant bag. Nope, Carrie wouldn't be proud...

Possible Solutions:
* Move to a smaller city/town where walking to the clubs take 30 minutes or a 5-minute cab ride. I am actually speaking from experience. I lived in a small town in Norway for a year. The clutch and heels were no problem. But of course you still needed a coat and well, there weren't that many clubs.

* Move to California
The clubs are decent and you can't really survive without a car- especially if you'll be living in L.A.

*Move to a flat near the clubs. But sleeping might be a problem...

What to do you think? Have you perfected the art of being perfectly sexy with the right accesories in the big city? Or are you suffering from similar problems?


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