Friday, January 21, 2011

(Un)conventional Fitness Acitivity 6: Cleaning Your Room/House

Cleaning and Organizing Your Room

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First, let’s see who might get better results with this activity:
           The obsessively tidy and clean

You belong to this category if you almost always see cleaning to be done, even if other people think everything looks immaculate. Worry not. This means this fitness activity is regular (& natural) for you.

Remember how fit Courteney Cox’s Friendscharacter Monica was? I am betting that any one close to her obsession with organization and cleanliness, wouldn’t really have the time or the opportunity to gain weight.

·         The unorganized and/or shopaholics

Well, I confess. I am by nature an unorganized person. I am also a shopaholic so I am constantly adding new clothes to my already stuffed wardrobe.

And maybe I could find  a way to keep the room in order to some level, but I am also a writer, an avid reader and movie-watcher. So add the novels, writing projects, writing stuff and files and the DVDs, and I am in big trouble.

My organizational efforts burn more calories than a session at the gym or hours spent on the dancing floor.

After all, cleaning works pretty much every muscle. You have to pick things up, pull things down, re-arrange furniture &clothes, clean after your mess....

My last organizing activity? Yesterday. The result? Burnt calories, and officially establishing the need for new wardrobes, a bigger room and a bigger house.

How to Make Organizing More Fun

If you are anything like Monica, cleaning provides its own rush and happiness. But for the rest, and especially the intrinsically messy ones like me, there are ways to make the whole thing fun:

Turn on a TV-Show/Movie That Doesn’t Require Much Attention

It can be the re-runs of things you already watched and loved make for great help. You get to laugh and get things done at the same time.

Music and Dancing

Yep, it is always great to turn on great, fast tracks while you finish the task. And if you squeeze in the lovely activity dancing, time might fly without you swearing off shopping for new stuff.

Confession: I did swear off shopping but I am guessing it’ll last only for a short time. I am just being honest here. After all, shopping is a much more fun way to keep fit, remember? J

Do you have suggestions to keep cleaning more fun?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Preventing Fitness Injuries

Preventing Fitness Injuries
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Sorry, it has been a long while since I last posted, but I have a valid excuse. In my last post Unconventional Fitness Activity 5: How Freelancing Can Help You Stay Fit, I had mentioned that I injured my leg.
The thing is, I am a big fan of practicing what I preach and an injured leg that constantly felt like I had run a marathon didn’t help my efforts to be fit or stylish. Let’s face it: a kneepad and a limp don’t really increase my hotness levels. Or improve my style.

But my leg is getting better, I am no longer taking cabs everywhere and I am slowly returning to my dance classses. Unfortunately, remembering all the dance steps and moves is a little harder than getting back on the bike.

I don’t know why exactly I got hurt, because I did stretch before the class. Apparently, it wasn’t enough.
But this is life and shit happens so what are we supposed to do when we get sick or injured?

God forbid anything serious or terminal. But apart from morbid situations, we usually deal with minor injuries and the flu. So what can we do to prevent injuries due to illnesses or simply inadaquate action or too much action?
We can stretch. Regularly, preferably starting the day with it and then re-stretching and warming-up before any fitness activity. Not only these give us energy boosts, they also make sure the muscles relax and you don’t end up staying away from the gym or the dance class for a month.

Even when you are feeling like you are going down with something, a couple of sit-ups and minor stretching shouldn’t be a big deal. And you know what you can do to prevent that cold: lots of fruits, vegetables and regular exercise.

So this was an injury prevention posts. I’ll be back with more unconventional and/or fun tips soon.
Until then.