Monday, May 9, 2011

Dance & Listen to Sexy Songs to Feel Sexy

Songs are great for setting any kind of mood. You can find the perfect combination of lyrics, music and vocals for any situation. So why not play some tunes when you are feeling sexy? These might make you feel even sexier and more playful than ever.

My weapon- sorry, genre- of choice is rock n’ roll. Give these songs a shot. No worries, you tube links are included. If I can’t find the video, I’ll make sure to link to the audio track.
And you can always use this track list as a part of a great fitness-dancing routine. Even if you are not feeling particularly sexy at the moment, put on some cool stuff, turn the volume up and dance to these. You’ll start feeling amazing before the tracks are over, trust me.

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Mischievous, seductive girl drives the guy crazy. Right up our alley.The girl in the video? Latetita Casta. I have a gay friend who swears lusting after Casta. I rest my case. 

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This is my absolute favorite when I color my hair (cherry) red. Of course it works with every color but it just makes even more sense. 

The title speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Again, great title – great song. Perfect for boost of confidence.

Be warned, this song is R-rated, in the most fun way. The girl describe in the song is so freaking hot that the guy can’t think about anything else but....Yeah, you get the drift. Lousy choice if you are in a romantic mood. But if you are feeling hot, it doesn’t get any better than this one.

You can try the original version by The Troggs or for more fun, faster tunes and famous faces (Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Billy Idol, Slash,  Joe Perry & more), you can check out the Sam Kinison version from the 80s.

Feeling irresistible already?


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