Monday, August 8, 2011

How to be Fashionable by Not Following Fashion!

          Fashion is everywhere and is in everything. Sometimes instead of saying in fashion, we might use words like hip, trendy, stylish, in style, popular, hit and such but we are always talking about fashion. Of course fashion is not just about your wardrobe but is about music, furniture, restaurants and anything else you can think of.        

          Some people must pay close attention to fashion. It is a professional obligation. If you are working for Vogue, you have to be at the top of your game and you must in fact know what is in, out or upcoming. But even if you are a fashion editor or working for a dress shop, you don’t have to do everything fashion tells you to do. And if your livelihood isn’t directly related to your knowledge and application of what’s fashionable, it is much easier to enjoy a full wardrobe with stylish clothes all the while keeping a lot of cash in your pockets.

           Everything has a huge potential of comeback. While I don’t advise anyone to copy some of the horrendous stuff from the 80s that shouldn’t have become big in the first place, throwing your clothes away every fall and replacing them with new ones is a huge mistake.         

The Darkness Singer. Image via

          Did you by any chance come across a song called “I believe in a thing called love” by a band called The Darkness a couple of years ago? The band released the song in 2003 and became a number 2 hit on the UK charts. What’s so special about that? Well, the singer can go more high-pitched than Freddie Mercury and dresses like 70s’ and 80s’ glam rock bands. While their success wouldn’t have been a surprise 20 years ago, it happened in 2003. After all even the “most” glam bands are not doing glam any more. They grew up. They cut the hair, took the make-up off and simplified the clothes. Today, Jon Bon Jovi admits not being able to watch his videos from the 80s. And the new popular rock genre is indie. There are many more alternative rock bands and modern rock bands around than ever. So how on earth did they make glam come back and come back with vengeance?

          Just like everything about fashion, it came back. It became hip again. You know this is the case when it comes to clothes. Suddenly one designer will add a 30s or 50s element to their line. Suddenly, the skirts of your mother that you hated will appear on Kate Moss. Sienna Miller will get a 60s haircut and so will many, many women who laughed at the idea of that style only two months ago.

       What happens when you throw away your high-waist jeans away because low waist came back? You find yourself spending ridiculous amounts on high-waist jeans 3 years later. Funny things happen in the business of style. Men wear pink, gothic accessories get considered to be the norm and so forth. So keep your records and accessories and clothes that are dated but new enough. You will save time and money. It might also save you from swearing that you won’t be caught dead wearing something and then putting it on the very next month.


V said...

Fashion is a tricky little creature. Obviously, everyone has their own taste or opinions on fashion but what magazine editors would consider "fashion" aren't even worn by the everyday man or woman. Look through a Vogue or W magazine and, surely, the only people truly wearing these fashions are other celebrities or wannabes.

I think following fashion trends is such a waste of time because, truly, someone is just trying to hypnotize you into thinking something's fashionable. While you're chasing what's "in", there's someone pushing something new and suddenly you're "out".

Same with recycled fashion trends. But with recycling fashion trends becoming trendy, people are going in all sorts of directions. I end this ramble my initial statement; fashion is a tricky little creature.

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