Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty Tip: When in doubt, get a haircut and dye the new do!

I’ll admit this is a very conventional tip. But then again, this blog is for all fun-loving women and we’ve nothing against the conventional methods that are easy, fun and put a smile on our faces afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m big fan of long hair. I have always lusted after the shampoo-commercial hair but my hair is never that voluminous, thick and long –even after a visit to the hairdresser’s.

So when I want to give myself a sexy make-over, I choose the quick path. I have a nice and modern cut (covering the cheeks and not the neck is usually a great length – easy to style & dry). Then I pick a color that I know looks good on me.  This time I went blonde, with the unintended effect of strawberry streaks (remains of previous coloring).

And I feel great. And I do look pretty decent. I should take some pictures of the new do and ask for your opinion too.

But remember, when it comes to looking and feeling awesome, your opinion comes first.


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