Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tip for Beauticians and Cosmetics Store Assistants: Practice What You Preach!

The make-up sales people should have good make-up skills. Plain and simple. It won't help their sales if they are looking like they just dropped in a pool of paint! Image via

Recently, I was at a cosmetic store, trying to buy some necessary make-up, and hopefully without going over my budget. But you know how these shops are. Every single fault of your skin is brought to attention under the oh-so-unflattering white lighting. I have always been lazy and frankly it’d be nice to have some efficient product take care of my skin- doing most of the work. So yeah, I am more of the type to go for the concealer to hide the skins under my eyes rather than taking care of my face with masks regularly. 

Oh, and I do have dark circles under my eyes. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with my skin because those circles have been there for a long time. It doesn’t matter how well or little sleep I get, they are just there (so you have tips for me, go ahead and leave them in the comments. I’ll be more than grateful). Anyway, after I got my mascara and being totally put off by my skin, I wanted to look for a concealer. The sales-girl was suggesting that I should use almond oil for my eyelashes. What? Remembering to put on  mascara is enough trouble! And then she suggested, if I were to use a concealer, I should put it on after putting on a layer of face cream. What face cream? I am not using anti-aging stuff just yet. My dermatologist had suggested it is ok if I started them at 27 and so I am thinking, there is still a little time (OK, I am turning 27 next year). The sales girl was certain I was already too late. Of course she has a commission-based job.  So we started talking to another sales girl who started talking about a set which would easily set me back $100-150. OK, there is no way I am taking advice from someone 1) is paid according to what and how much she sells and 2) horrible make-up skills. 

I should elaborate on the second thing a little. She was wearing too much make-up for a day job.  The powder she was using wasn’t exactly her color and you could so obviously tell it was powder.  And she wasn’t pretty. At all. Isn’t make-up all about hiding your faults, accentuating your good qualities and well, making you look prettier? Anyway- I wasn’t about to take skin advice from a girl whose skin wasn’t exactly glowing with radiance. So no, of course I didn’t buy the expensive stuff. I am seeing my dermatologist next week and get some brand recommendations from her. 1) She is not on commission. 2) She is an expert 3) and yeah, she is also pretty and knows her make-up.

Just like you wouldn’t take relationship advice from a serial cheater, you shouldn’t take make-up advice from just any store employee. I am just saying. If she was such an expert, she would apply her skills on her face first. So unless you fall in love with the looks and make-up of the sales-girl, just stick to your own gut and well, budget.


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