Monday, November 22, 2010

The Only Main Style Tip You'll Ever Need: Hide the Flaws, Accentuate the Assets!

Kate Bosworth. I think she topped it in the middle. What do you think? Image via

If done right, this style tip works all the time. How do I know? Because whenever I apply it (and trust me, I try to apply it whenever I can), I am either complimented on my body or asked if I have lost weight, or both.
What I do is I hide my flaws and accentuate my assets. Now, everybody has a different body type. I am tall and while I have around 6-10 pounds extra, I look in shape. When I put on weight, the fat is inclined to start growing in my bell first and goes to other places afterwards, so  my whole mission while getting dressed is to hide it as well as I can. 

The assets? It’s different for everyone but I have big breasts and long, lean legs. I especially love mini-skirts because anything but a turtleneck seems to give me a cleavage, even when I am trying not to have fun. But i especially love tight, short skirts. Well, short as in covering my butt totally. I wear them all year, and black is as gorgeous color whether you choose to go with leggings, tight pants or pantyhose. 

So that is what I do: show the legs, accentuate the breasts with a decent bra and hide the belly at all costs. Yes, I don’t look all that great in a bikini and I am going to be working on that But put in any short, tight legwear and I look just fine.

The tip: Show the good, hide the bad and feel & look just gorgeous.


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