Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Best Tools to Feel Fabulous at 30: WalkLogger App

I hit the dreaded “30” in December. It has mostly been a positive experience. Of course getting older, even though at these very young stages of adulthood, has its drawbacks. 

WalkLogger image via play.google.com.

One of the drawbacks is our slowing metabolism, which I handle with the WalkLogger app on my phone. It measures how much you have walked by how many steps you’ve taken on any given day. It also tells you how many calories you’ve burned. It resets at midnight and awards you with a bronze medal after 5000 steps, a silver after 8,000 and a gold one after 10,000. It’s often said that if you’re serious about losing weight, it’s better to aim for 10,000 steps every day. Which might be difficult, considering it’s something about 7,5 kilometres (around 4,35 miles), especially if you’re not very fit and/or have a sedentary job.

I’m proud to say that a couple of months after actively using the app, I finally hit (and passed) 10,000 on Friday. Granted, I didn’t do it all at once, and felt pretty tired the next morning. But the feeling was so worth it.

In theory, it should be easier for a freelancer to be more active physically, but in truth, not everything in my schedule is under my control. In between teaching ESL, freelance writing and screenwriting, I often realize time has passed before I could do a decent physical activity.

But because walking can be done anywhere and is free, the app has helped me a great deal and has proven to be a worthy challenger. I love seeing the numbers go up. And to make sure they do, I often take the stairs when I go down. I get off the bus a stop or two early. When I go to a café to do my work, I take a break after a session, leaving my not-so-valuable belongings behind (hence saving me from the turtle mode).

There are many other free applications for counting your steps. This is just the one I use.

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In case you're wondering what my 30 looks like. It's me on the left. On the right is one of my best friends. 


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